Our business is driven by the needs of our customers and at Colston we pride ourselves on being able to provide all customers with a solution to their needs. We started in Eastbourne providing specialist suspended ceilings services but as our client’s needs have expanded so have the skills and scope of our business. The complexity of modern buildings means that when something goes wrong Colston clients need a quick and direct service that can deal with the many problems that can affect their smooth daily running.

Colston provide an install, fix and repair service for commercial premises. Our experience has taken us into offices, shops, showrooms, garages, schools, colleges, nurseries, storage units, hotels, restaurants, guest houses, pubs and clubs, call centres, theatres, business centres, scrap yards, in fact anywhere that people work. We never know what the problem will be so we pride themselves on being able to diagnose the problem quickly and provide a solution that gets the jobs done efficiently.

Many clients operate in multiple premises with a centralised premises team or manager and Colston provide the frontline response across their region to support them.

We service the South East as well as locations in and around London both for new installations and maintenance works

Colston partner with their clients to give a good value solution. This often means engaging third party contractors in order to provide the service, at no extra cost to the end user. We act on behalf of the building users to provide a professionally managed project. Ultimately, the key is to minimise any impact to the business and its people.

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