Driven by the needs of the customer Colston have provided an installation service for all internal (and some external) partitions to meet the needs of the modern workplace. Colston can provide both permanent and demountable partitions and walls. The full range and scope of the modern systems available are all provided and installed by Colston and we work with all the major suppliers: British Gypsum, Knauf, AMF, SAS, Komfort and many more.

Solid, demountable, single glazed, half glazed, double glazed, frameless, the list is constantly being updated and Colston keep abreast of all the latest trends to provide a bespoke installation service.

As with ceilings the demands being made by local Building Control and Health and Safety requirements means that often the specification for sound insulation (acoustic), thermal and fire protection can be mind boggling. Colston, who can provide both the walls and the ceilings, can give you the confidence that your needs can be met within the scope of the legislation, at a reasonable price.

Colston have also developed, through their experience, the specific ability to remove carefully and re-erect demountable partitions in order to preserve the investment made in this type of material. They can source new spares for the existing system, can install new doors in old frames and generally make a cost-effective job from your current materials. Call the office for a free survey if you would like to know more.

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