Suspended Ceilings

Colston have a particular expertise in suspended ceilings. This includes flat plasterboard ceilings as well as the more common lay in grid type ceilings. Over the last 30 years the complexity and range of suspended ceilings has increased with specialist types of tile and board now providing increased performance for sound insulations, thermal insulation and fire protection as Building Regulations have tightened.

Colston provide all the major and specialist type of ceiling from all the main manufacturers across the world. Armstrong, Ecophon, Rockfon, Burgess, AMF, British Gypsum and all the variants and similar ceilings are available.

Using all the latest laser technology and with the ability to provide design layouts in house we can provide all the associated services involved in a new or a renewed ceiling in your environment. New lighting, mostly LED in order to meet green energy targets, new AC/heating units, alarms and fire alarms are all able to be provided as ancillary to a new ceiling installation, as well as partitions and other building elements.

Increasingly premises are required to be noise pollution neutral therefore ceilings need to protect against sound transmission. There are a specific range of ceiling tiles designed for this. Similarly, fire protection and thermal insulation are also considerations usually before the aesthetic of the ceiling finish is thought about. Colston can guide you through this minefield in order to meet sometimes conflicting requirements.

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